Cello Number 1, The Sleeping Beauty
Cello Sample Video
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Cello Number 1, The Sleeping Beauty
Making my first instrument. A Replica of a Domenico Montagnana, The Sleeping Beauty Cello of 1739.

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The finished cello!
The Mold Assembly
Making the Mold
Mold Disassembly and Assembly
The Wood
Neck and Scroll
Day One, Preparing the block and cutting it out
Day Two, Cleaning up the edges after cutting out the neck
Day Three, a couple of hours marking and drilling
Day Four, Start of the Pegbox and Scroll.
Day Five. The first turn and cutting the second
Day Six, cutting the last side and hollowing out the walls
Day Seven, cleaning up the tool marks are chamfering the sides
Day Eight, an hour making a jig and drilling the pegbox
Day Nine, Chamfering the other side of the scroll and starting to hollow out the pegbox.
Day Ten, the pegbox emerges!
Day Eleven, carving the fluting.
Day Twelve, a couple of hours removing the excess wood from the sides of the neck.
Day Thirteen, thinning and refining the scroll.
The Rear Plate
Day One, Cleaning up the edges part one
Day Two, More jointing hard work with the plane
Day Three, Attempt one at joining the back plate
Day Four, The final joint
Day Five, an hour leveling the inner side
Day Six, marking and cutting out the back plate
Day Seven, starting the long job of carving
Day Eight, Reducing edge thickness and cleaning the edges up
Day Nine, finishing the edge overhang and starting on the thickness
Day Ten, making templates and starting the arching
Day Eleven, an hour with a plane
Day Twelve, a new plane and new curves!
Day Thirteen, drawing lines
Day Fourteen, more arching and the purfling groove
Day Fifteen, Finishing the groove and starting on the purfling
Day Sixteen, more %#$*&^ purfling!
Day Seventeen, at last the purfling is in
Day Eighteen, back onto arching
Day Nineteen, starting to hollow out the back
Day Twenty, more hollowing out
Days Twenty One to Twenty Four, Graduating
The Front Plate
Day One, planing the joint straight
Day Three, squaring and joining the front
Day Four, cutting it out
Day Five, an evening trimming the edges
Day Six, finishing the outline
Day Seven, trimming down and marking the edges
Day Eight, trimming down to the purfling platform and more arching
Day Nine, cutting the purfling groove
Day Ten, and hour bending purfling
Day Eleven, gluing in the purfling
Day Twelve, final arching and starting to graduate
Day Thriteen, drilling f-hole eyes and more hollowing
Day Fourteen, getting the belly thickness down to size
Day Fifteen, cutting the f-holes
Day Sixteen, cleaning up the inside of the belly and preparing the bass bar
Day Seventeen, fitting the bass bar
A Side of Ribs!
Day One, The endblocks emerge
Day Two, the neck endblock
Day Three, finishing all the blocks and glueing them into the mold
Day Four, levelling the blocks
In preparation for the ribs
Day Five, Planing the ribs to the correct height
Making More Tools
Day Six, thinning ribs
Day Seven, cleaning blocks and bending c-ribs
Day Eight, gluing my very first rib
Day Nine, The second C-Rib and preparing linings
Day Ten, an hour leveling the c-ribs
Day Eleven, Finishing the blocks and bending the ribs
Day Twelve, gluing on the upper ribs
Day Thirteen, gluing on the lower ribs
Day Forteen, Levelling the ribs and trimming the corners
Day Fifteen, Cutting mortices and bending linings
Day Sixteen, bending the top linings and gluing them in
Day Seventeen, gluing the bottom linings in
Day Eighteen, Fixing gaps and starting to level
Day Nineteen, Leveling the lower ribs
Day Twenty, Leveling the upper ribs and finishing the linings
Day Twenty one, an hour removing the mold
Day Twenty Two, finishing off the ribs
Time to put it together
Gluing on the rear plate
Tuning the bass bar and gluing the belly on
Cleaning off the excess glue and a few photos for display
preparing the fingerboard and starting on the neck
getting the neck ready to glue on
starting on the mortice
finishing the mortise and gluing the neck on
finishing off the neck, button and edges
cleaning up in preparation for varnishing
Varnishing and Fitting Up
The bare cello
the first ground coat
the first colour coat and what a challange
colour coat number two
the third coat
coat number four
Fitting the saddle and pegs
Cleaning up the finish, fitting the fingerboard and endpin
All fitted up and ready to go!
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Highlight for album: Cello Sample Video
Cello Sample Video
Here is a video of my cellos in action. Both instruments are the same model the white one is the second made over mid 2007 to early 2008.

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